Adding fun and joy to life

The idea of adding fun and joy to life has been a theme for me this week, so I thought I’d take the hint and blog a little about it.  In this week’s teleclass for the coach training I’m in, it was what the call was all about!

Marney (the trainer) had sent a survey around last week and asked each of us to fill it out.  One question on the survey had asked what our biggest worry was for when we had completed our certification requirements.  Almost everyone responded with a version of the following:  they were afraid that this would be like everything else they tried – nothing would come of it!  My particular version of that was that I would put in place all of my local marketing efforts, set up my online website and Artella forum, and no clients would sign up for my coaching sessions.

So, based on that response, Marney decided to change what she had originally planned for this week’s class, and talked instead about creating a big, joyful, powered up vision of what our wildly successful coaching practice will look like on 10/27/2011 – exactly two years later.  It was great!

She had us relax and create a vision of what our practice will look like based on our current plans.  Then she kept encouraging us with great prompts to see it better, bigger, more joyful, more fun.  Think big!  Think bigger!  What would we do if money and time were no object to fulfilling our dreams for our biggest visions of our practice?  And so on…

She then set up a vision of all of us coming together for a two year reunion (thought out in great detail, may I add), being interviewed on television about our success stories.  We each had a moment to verbalize out loud what we had visioned and dreamed, and when we were finished, all the rest of the coaches gave us a “Way to go!” cheer.  It was fun, motivating, and very inspiring!

Just a little while ago, my stepmom sent me this link to a great video.  (Thanks Lois!)  It is a great role model for thinking out of the box about challenges of any kind in your life.  How can you make things more interesting and fun in your life?

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